Ronja V, 2021

Breathe, breathe in the airDon′t be afraid to careLeave but don’t leave meLook around, choose your own ground For long you live and high you flyAnd smiles you′ll give and tears you’ll cryAnd all you touch and all you seeIs … Weiterlesen

Ronja IV, 2021

Claro como un cristalPuro como el aguaFuerte como el fuegoPresencia Medicina, ayúdame a estar presenteMedicina, ayúdame a estar presenteAquí, ahora, en todo lo que hagoAquí, ahora, en todo lo que amo No ayer, ni el mañana, estoy aquíAyer, ni el mañana, estoy … Weiterlesen

Veröffentlicht in Akt

Ronja III, 2021

Behind all illusion there’s realityReminder of SimplicitySurrender our souls to the mysteryOpen our hearts completelyWe’re circling around and around and around in this wheel of lifeBreathing in and out life, Breathing in and out love.  Danit – Heartbeat

Ronja II, 2021

Stell dichVor meine MitteLeg dichIn jede Figur Werf dichIn jeden meiner Schritte  Ich tanz‘ für dich, wohin du willstIch gehRüber an’s Fenster Um zu sehenOb, die Sonne noch scheint Hab‘ so oftBei schwerem GewitterIn deine Hände geweint. Philipp Poisel – Wie soll ein … Weiterlesen

Cheshire Cat IV, 2021

Guillotine | Khoma Guess you can’t hear a soundIn the shadows all tied downCause these beasts dwell inside our heartsOnly one thing left to doI can hurt someone like youTear you out for all to see these liesNow you sing … Weiterlesen

Cheshire Cat II, 2021

I could hear them howling from afarI saw them rushing to your carIn a moment all went screaming wildUntil the darkness killed the light I remember running to the seaThe burning houses and the treesI remember running to the seaAlone … Weiterlesen

Cheshire Cat I, 2021

Bir gün sen hen henüz uyurkenKim bilir hangi düşlerdeUzun ve sessiz yüzüne baktımVe belki masaldır dedimBelki kıyıya vuran dalgaBelki dalgadaki gemiBelki gemideki güvercinBelki güvercinin sesiBelki şarkımla yeniden doğan güneşBelki güneşin ötesiBelki de kücücük bir kivilcim hayatBelki bu da bize yeter … Weiterlesen